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Guidelines for selection of Honorary Members

Nomination Deadline - March 10, 2017

The Florida Health Sciences Library Association (FHSLA) will award Honorary Membership to members who have made significant and consistent contributions to FHSLA. This award is given to FHSLA members who are retiring or have retired during the year since the last annual meeting. Candidates must have been members of FHSLA for three years, and hold current membership in FHSLA at the time of the award or at the time of retirement. The purpose of honorary membership is to help those members who have served to continue to contribute their experience and wisdom to FHSLA.

Significant contributions to FHSLA may be defined as serving in elected or appointed offices, serving on association committees, developing and planning annual meetings or participating in fund-raising efforts. Significant contributions at FHSLA annual meetings may also include presentations, teaching, participating on panels, poster presentations, recruiting new members, and mentoring Florida librarians. Nominations for Honorary Membership shall be submitted to the Honors and Awards Committee Chair by any member of FHSLA. Nomination forms are available on the FHSLA website. Nominations shall include a statement of the nomineeís qualifications.

The Honors and Awards Committee will review the nominations and submit a recommendation to the Executive Committee for approval. Announcement of new Honorary Members will be made at the Associationís annual meeting. A certificate will be given to each honoree.

The deadline for applications is usually 8 weeks before the annual meeting.

Benefits of Honorary Membership may include discounted registration for annual meetings, and perpetual membership with discounted dues.

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